Dad Lectures Little Girl on How to Find a Good Man (VIDEO)

tiaraWhen is the best time to teach your daughter about self-worth and respect? As soon as possible! And in the latest -- and perhaps cutest -- viral video, you can see one dad teaching his daughter how a man should treat her.


It's not hard to see how involved this one father is:

And for some added LOLs, the "what are you talking about?" at the end will be sure to leave you giggling.

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But the real cuteness is in the rest of the video. It's wonderful to see dads who are actively engaged in raising their daughters. We know that dads can influence anything from their daughter's body image to her academic and career goals. But it turns out they can also shape and determine both what kind of partner she will have and ultimately be.

Girls who have involved dads learn how to trust their partners when they're older, making their relationships more stable and even longer. This dad is obviously on the right track.

How do you talk to your daughters about self-esteem and worth?


Image via iWorkAlone/shutterstock

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