What 'Teen Mom' & Other Shows Would Look Like If Moms Ran the Networks

How many times have you finally wrangled the kiddos to bed and had a rare moment to yourself to relax ...only to flip through the channels and realize that there is absolutely no TV show you want to watch? (Kardashian family, we are talking about you.)
Yes, you could spend your precious hour of free time watching kittens play the piano on YouTube. But we invite you to sit back, relax, and imagine what the TV schedule would look like if moms like us ran the networks and decided just how shows would unfold....
  1. Top Chef: Forget competition. (We hear enough arguing as it is!) We'd revamp this to show what happens when a five-star chef appears at a tired mother's house and prepares her family a fine meal.
  2. Teen Mom: Sorry, Catelynn. No underage girls with kids here. This reality show would entail a bunch of adolescent girls chatting openly with their moms about how important it is to use contraception.
  3. Game of Thrones: Of course, this would be a show about potty training. But to make it more interesting, we'd still set it in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
  4. Scandal: Olivia Pope has left DC and is now a "fixer" for parents trying to get their kids into an elite Manhattan pre-school. And those parents are cray-cray.
  5. Say Yes to the Dress: A comedy about Type-A moms who try (and fail) to dress their equally strong-willed toddlers.
  6. The Missing: No longer a murder mystery (too dark!), we'd hire experts to go to family's homes and look for items that have mysteriously disappeared -- ie, that American Girl activity book you just bought your daughter for Christmas but she can no longer find.
  7. The Walking Dead: A reality show about parents who stay up too late, binge-watching episodes of "The Missing." (Because we really want to find out where that activity book went!)

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  8. Sleepy Hollow: A supernatural drama about kids who nap well and often. We know it sounds far-fetched, but hey, so is a show about Ichabod Crane coming back to life in 2013 and fighting crime.
  9. Masters of Sex: A late-night dramedy about parents attempting to quickly get it on before their kids wake up or walk in on them.
  10. The Returned: One mom bravely attempts to do all her errands with a mini-van full of hungry, cranky children. And (gulp) she has a half-dozen returns to make at the mall.
  11. Hell's Kitchen: Dad and accident/argument-prone kids attempt to make a surprise Mother's Day breakfast without planning ahead. Lots of bleeped-out language in this one.
  12. Project Runway: A tense, edge-of-your-seat drama about a large family with young kids going on a plane -- but they forgot their iPad.
  13. The Middle: A documentary that examines why kids always go nuts about who has to sit in the middle of the car. Narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson.
  14. CSI: Suburbia: A group of moms use high-tech tools to solve mysteries such as: Who peed all over the bathroom floor?
  15. Dancing With the Stars: Parents dancing with -- who else? -- their own children. Because obviously, they're always the stars of the show.
What show would you like to see remade for moms?
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