Terrifying Bed Looks Like It's Eating Baby Alive (PHOTO)

baby jaws bed

While a baby's bed can be one of the safest and most secure places for a baby to rest, it can also serve as the ideal place to scare the living bejeezus out of an infant. Don't believe us? One Reddit user shared a photo of a baby bed inspired by the movie Jaws that's guaranteed to scar them for life.



This could go either of two ways. Either the baby will face any fears head-on and be entirely immune to any shark nightmares or terrors later in life, or be so completely disturbed by this moment that he'll never step foot in any ocean ever.

Very high risk, high reward parenting style right here, but this baby's face probably says it all. He's not laughing along.

Shark bed 1, baby 0.

Do you think this bed is funny or disturbing?


Image via Reddit

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