Taylor Swift Parody Is an Anthem for Exhausted Moms Everywhere (VIDEO)

whatsupmomsSince the average mom's life bears little to no resemblance to the daily existence of living Pop Star Barbie Taylor Swift, her hit song "Blank Space" might seem like an odd choice for a mom-centric parody -- but YouTube sensation WhatsUpMoms proves the pairing to be oddly perfect. (And not just because Taylor Swift's behavior in the video is strikingly similar to that of a diabolically overtired toddler.)


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Like, you know that line in the song where it sounds like Taylor is saying "Starbucks"? (You mean she's not?!) Even though she's actually singing something about a long list of ex-lovers, the similarity in sound gave WhatsUpMoms the seed of a chorus any sleep-deprived mom can appreciate: "Gotta have my Starbucks latte." Check it out:

What mom can't relate to the experience of looking at her kid's crazy-eyed crayon portrait and wondering, Good lord, do I really look that way?! Also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who throws laundry into the machine like I'm trying to punish it.

Do you see yourself in this video?

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