Parents Bribe Entire Airplane to Put Up With Their Baby (PHOTO)

airplane seatsFew things are worse than being stuck 20,000 feet in the air with an unhappy baby for hours on end. And luckily, the parents of a 1-year-old named Madeline understood their fellow passengers' pain when they decided to take her on a recent trip. The baby's parents bribed the entire plane with a sweet note, candy, and, most importantly, earplugs.


One passenger shared the goodie bag and note on Reddit and it immediately went viral. Check it out for yourself:

Thank you, Madeline. You'll go very far by letting people take candy from a baby. Ha!

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Sugar is a powerful currency. Hand some strangers a bag of sweets, ear plugs, and a funny note "from the baby," and they'll put up with just about anything ... even crying, screaming, and screeching on a cross-country trip.

And what a brilliant child, no? She's not even a year old but can write, spell, type, and gift like a pro. Looks like she's going places (besides, you know, her destination).

Oh yeah, and major kudos to Mom and Dad!

Would you like to receive a treat like this?


Image via bobbie vie/Flickr

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