When Kids & Christmas Cards Mix: 12 Photos Gone Terribly Wrong

Suzee Skwiot | Dec 9, 2014 Being a Mom

christmas card fail child cryingYou set up the tree. Everyone's wearing their fancy sweaters or matching gear, and the camera is set in timer mode. It's finally time to take your annual holiday photos. And then it all goes horribly, awfully, completely wrong. The tree collapses, the kids start sobbing, and the seemingly flawless idea you pulled off Pinterest crumbles right in front of you. It's the ultimate Christmas card fail.

But before you start crying in your cocoa, know this: you're not alone. There isn't a mother out there who hasn't been foiled by the holiday photo shoot.

We reached out to moms to find the absolute best Christmas card fails throughout the years. And we got some seriously great moments caught on film. Just take a look at the slideshow below.

Have you ever had a complete Christmas card fail? Share it below!


Image via Awkward Family Photos


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