Mom's Brutally Honest Video Shows Why Co-Sleeping Really Stinks (WATCH)

co sleeping means no sleepingIf you're struggling to decide between co-sleeping and crib sleeping, there's some new footage that might help make the case for separate beds. Esther Anderson's daughter sleeps in her bed for a couple hours every morning. And each and every single time, there's a "fun" wake-up call. Check out the video this mom posted on how co-sleeping really means no sleeping:


Be honest, moms. You think you will get more sleep if you just bring the baby with you into bed so you can snuggle together. Those couple hours after the morning feeding are sometimes not worth the trip to the nursery, right?

But every time you try, reality sets in. And reality, in this case, is a very vocal and awake alarm clock. There's some nudging, plenty of poking, and tons of, ahem, surprises.

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I think we can all agree that that's not the most pleasant thing to see (or smell!) first thing in the morning, right moms?

What does your morning look like? Anything like this?


Image via Esther anderson/YouTube

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