Dad Goes to Bizarre Lengths to Protect Baby From His Beard (VIDEO)​

beard dadOnce upon a time, a man with a beard had a baby. Well, he didn't actually have the baby -- his wife did, but he did become a father. The man with the beard then realized that beards and babies don't mix, so the man with the beard did what any dad with facial hair would do and he shaved it off, but then he went and preserved his beloved beard in lucite. I hate that this all happened in Brooklyn (where I've lived most of my life) because of the Brooklyn hipster and beard jabs people like to take, but it did. Meet Luke Hughett, the dad who felt his beard was out of place on his face once baby Willa arrived and decided to preserve his holy hairiness.


We do things for our kids that we may not necessarily do if we didn't have kids. We give our pointy-edged all glass coffee table to the neighbor without kids. We don't wear lipstick that much or else our babies would look bloodied. We buy a pair of sort-of flats because heels at the playground aren't always an option. Some moms cut their hair real short so it won't get caught up in diaper changes, especially the poopy kind. (Didn't think of that, did you?) And some dads, well, this dad, felt his beard was too gruff for his sweet little baby's face. Perhaps she'd grow to prefer mommy's soft kisses to daddy's coarse smooches. Maybe it freaked her out or caused her to pull on daddy's beard and no one touches daddy's beard but the finest beard conditioning cream.

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Luke felt it was time to bid adieu to his beard but not completely. He carefully shaves it off, then takes it to an artist to have it preserved in lucite. I don't want to pick on this guy too much. I'm one of those would eat my placenta and save the belly button fall off kind of moms. So preserving a beard? Sure. Why not. However, his wife clearly thinks he's nuts. Watch.

I love beards. I do. But seeing it encased in lucite is slightly revolting. It's much better on a man face. But I don't have to sleep in the Hughett's bedroom next to it. Baby Willa, however, is still feeling a bit of daddy's gruff -- while Luke may have removed his hairy chin, he still has facial hair. Just not of the almost to ZZ Top-variety.

There are benefits to the beard that Luke may not have considered. It's a known fact (by at least two people) that kids who are exposed to beards at a young age are less likely to be scared by Santa Claus. Your mall Christmas pics would be forever saved! And beards are like built-in baby toys -- the sound that wiry beard makes when squeezed by baby hands is a sensory delight. Bearded dads never have to worry where that baby rattle disappeared to, making them more self-sufficient and eco-friendly.

Did you make any big changes once you had kids? What do you think of Luke shaving and preserving his beard?

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