Dad Pulls 'Killing My Own Child' Prank But He's the Only One Laughing (VIDEO)

Here's a story that will make you thankful (we hope) that you chose your partner -- especially if he's the all-business, serious type who is not considered the life of the party. A person who posts to YouTube under the name RomanAtwood decided to prank the mother of his children by pretending he killed their toddler. No, really. This actually happened. AND he laughed his head off about it AND had their two children involved in the whole thing -- as his partner reacted in the only way that would make sense to most of us.


So this lovely young woman arrives home to find her partner playing upstairs with their toddler son, who is dressed in a Spider-Man costume. She looks content as can be to find her family enjoying what looks like quality time together.

But as they're "playing," dad loudly announces that he's going to make his son fly high. With the help of an older child, dad trades his human son for a dummy that is the same size as his toddler and dressed in the exact costume.

You can guess what happens next. Mom climbs the stairs and catches dad right at the moment when he is making his son "fly" -- which results in him accidentally throwing their "son" over the railing.

In hysterics, mom practically flies down the stairs and makes the insane discovery that her partner was only pranking her with a dummy. She goes totally nuts on him and tells him he's sleeping on the couch -- and he still can't believe she is actually angry over a joke.

Assuming this video and prank are real ... is this guy out of his damn mind?! Everybody knows you don't joke about killing your own children or about your children dying or contracting a disease or anything else that would give your partner -- or anyone else, for that matter -- reason to believe the child is suffering.

Yeah, yeah, I get it, we've recently heard all the hoopla about how moms should be more like "cool, laidback" dads who don't take everything so seriously -- or, as one New York Post writer eloquently put it: "don't give a shit." But it's one thing to give your child chicken nuggets for lunch instead of organic quinoa and quite another to pretend you killed them.

My reaction to something like this would have been similar to this mom's -- followed by a door slamming in his face and a whole lot of worrying about who I married.

Check it out and let us know how you feel about this prank:

Do you think this is a funny prank or does it cross a line?


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