Parents Share Birth Announcement for 19-Year-Old Son -- Here's Why

parents birth announcement transgender sonIn case you needed a nice cry today, here's one story that will bring a little tear to your eyes. The parents of 19-year-old Kai Bogert recently published a retraction in their local newspaper in Australia. Turns out, their initial announcement (in 1995) was incorrect. And now, they've issued this beautifully heartwarming birth announcement after their transgender son's sex change.


Got something in your eye? Ditto.

It's such a heartwarming and wonderfully supportive gesture. It's simple but sweet and very parental. The "tidy your room" bit just finishes it off perfectly.

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Clearly, Kai's parents support him at home, but the public announcement is just oh so sweet ... and so important to kids who want to know that they aren't a "disappointment" to their families.

Congratulations to Kai and his family!

What do you think of the birth announcement?


Image via Lisa Dart/Twitter

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