​4-Year-Old's Viral Love Note to His Crush Is More Than a Little 'Cheesy' (PHOTO)

boy and girl loveQuestion: what's the way to a girl's heart? Answer: cheese. Always and forever. And one 4-year-old boy has it all figured out. Little Bennet wrote a loving letter to his school crush, Baily, and ever since his mom posted it on Reddit, it's gone viral. And we see why: this young Romeo knows the way to a little lady's heart.


Cheese, magic tricks, and comparing her to a ladybug. Dude's got the love thing down. Have we mentioned cheese? Seriously brilliant.

Bennet's mom, Jennifer Skinner, spoke to BuzzFeed recently and revealed that the letter was a nice, sweet gesture during a tough time for the family:

I have to say that the attention the letter has received has put a smile on my face, as Bennet was a very sick kid. He was diagnosed with cancer at 6 months old and actually goes up for one of his last cancer checks in Portland, Oregon, very soon. I’m always nervous about these checks and this has been a nice distraction.

He's certainly a creative little guy and this adorably sweet gesture was not only great for Baily, but also mom. He sure knows how to bring a smile to the ladies' faces. This one's sure to be a heart-breaker.

Sending all of our well wishes and healing thoughts to Bennet!

Have your kids written notes to their crushes? What have they said?


Image via Alexey Losevich/shutterstock

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