15 Photos That Show What Real Parenthood Looks Like

Heather Reese | Nov 28, 2014 Being a Mom
15 Photos That Show What Real Parenthood Looks Like

baby covered in inkBlogs and Facebook posts that show how wonderful raising kids can be are a dime a dozen. It's totally fine to post about those wonderful little family moments. But the Internet is over-saturated with those happy moments, leaving us wondering if our "real" normal is actually normal. 

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I asked my friends to send me some pictures of real parenting. Things that really happen in their lives, that portray REAL parenting. Not just those happy moments you usually see. This is just a small sample of what I got.

Portraying perfection all the time is boring and predictable. These are not parenting "fails," but instead, moments of the nitty gritty things that happen behind the scenes. Let's see your '"real" parenting moments on Twitter and Facebook! Use #realparentingmoments so we can all check them out!



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