Dads Find Out How Painful Childbirth Really Is ... Wimps! (VIDEO)

dads experience pain of childbirthIf you've ever wanted to settle the bet on what hurts more, childbirth or being kicked in the you-know-whats, there's one genius invention coming your way. The Hangzhou Aima maternity hospital in China's Shandong province has brought in the "Pain Experience Camp." It's an electroshock treatment for dads that simulates the pain of childbirth.

And oh, the faces. Just take a look at their reactions:


Whether or not you can understand what they're saying, the looks of sheer pain and torture are universally recognized.

And boy, are they clear. The cringing, the writhing, the audible groans. They can't wait for it to end.

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But we have to send kudos to all the gentlemen who participated. It takes a brave soul to strap on those electroshock pads and endure the pain. According to the United Press International (UPI), one of the men described it as if his "heart and lungs were being ripped out." Vivid, no?

If only this were available in every OB/GYN's office ...

Do you think dads should experience the pain of childbirth? Is this the way to do it?


Image via Nowhere Chile TV/YouTube

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