'All About That Breast' Is a Mantra for Every Nursing Mom (VIDEO)

Lori Burke All About That Breast"All About That Bass" is not a song without controversy. Some moms love it, while others think Meghan Trainor is sending a bad message to little girls. But the latest parody of the Top 40 hit is one that will have breastfeeding moms singing along. After all ... it's "All About That Breast" by singer Lori Burke. 

Take a listen to the newest hit for the nursing crowd:


OK, the "no bottle" line is a little jarring, considering plenty of nursing mamas use them, but Burke is not trying to start a mommy war here. The singer/songwriter who apparently came up with the pro-mom twist while getting her kids ready for school one morning says she used formula and pumped in addition to nursing the traditional way.

It was just a lyric that worked! And boy does it ever. "All About That Breast" is sweet and sassy, and that line about La Leche slayed us.

Which line is your favorite?


Image via Lori Burke/YouTube

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