Dad Has Naughty Response to Mom's Pregnancy Announcement (VIDEO)

telling dave i'm pregnantPregnancy announcements always manage to catch people's most natural reactions. Whether they're squealing with joy or are met with pure and absolute shock, telling people the news might be one of the best parts of expecting (well, in the early days, anyway). And the latest video to go viral encapsulates the joy, shock, and fleeting terror of being a dad-to-be. A woman posted her soldier husband's reaction to her pregnancy announcement and Dale's unfiltered response is perfect (beware, a naughty word is coming!).


It all seems to be going well, we even had a few chuckles from the man, until he notices those teeny tiny shoes. Then, as the note says, it's "game over."

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Their daughter was born on November 1, says the video description, so we're sure Dale and his wife have had some other fun moments along the way. But they'll always have this gem of a video to look back on and see how perfectly Dad first took the news.

Congratulations to the couple!

How did your husband react to your pregnancy?


Image via mungerrachel1/YouTube

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