Mom's Taylor Swift Parody Warns Kids to 'Knock It Off' (VIDEO)

knock it off taylor swift shake it off parodyTaylor Swift has been rocking the music video world lately. Her "Blank Space" video dropped this week and perfectly poked fun at herself, and her "Shake It Off" video already has over 261 million views. And, as it turns out, plenty of parodies. So when one mom decided to tackle the fun pop beat, she made it entirely relatable to every single mom and created her own video: "Knock It Off."

Think about your day. How many times a day do you tell your kids to "knock it off"? Whether it's because they're following you everywhere (yes, including to the restroom), or just won't stop playing Minecraft, sometimes it's the only acceptable response. And this mom gets it. Check out her hilarious video:


Ha! Love it!

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Carpooling, play dates, in-laws, the PTA. Been there. And said "knock it off" a time ... or 12.

What is the one phrase you keep repeating to your kids?


Image via MyLife Suckers/YouTube

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