Bryan Cranston Tells Kids They 'Have to F--king Eat' (VIDEO)

You Have to F—- Eat!When Samuel L. Jackson read Go the F**k to Sleep, parents everywhere rejoiced at the absolute truth that was the super-hilarious children's tale. Now author Adam Mansbach is back with a long-awaited sequel: You Have to F**king Eat! And this time around, the wonderful tale is voiced by Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, so kids, you better learn to eat your peas, or else "tread lightly."

There's some naughtiness coming (in terms of profanity), so quick heads up, parents:


Can we get an "Amen!"

What parent can't relate to the absolute frustration that is trying to get your kid to eat? It's irritating, absurd, and just plain irrational. You're going to be hungry, kid. Eat while the food's on the table. Sheesh.

Yeah, safe to say that this one is going to be a classic, just like the original.

But try explaining that to an unreasonable child. So just listen here, you have to f**king eat!

What is your biggest mealtime battle?


Image via Audible/YouTube

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