Parents' Desperate Attempts to Escape Sleeping Baby Go Viral (VIDEO)

escaping a sleeping babyAs soon as you've tucked them in and they're entirely zonked out, the last thing you want to do is wake a sleeping baby. So it's time to implement some really impressive ninja moves. And Thad and Esther Anderson know how to do just that. The parents recently released a video titled "Escaping a Sleeping Baby," and it's gone completely viral for one very honest reason:

We've all been there. Whether it's naptime or bedtime, the last thing you want to do after putting a baby to sleep is wake them up. Thankfully, these parents have some stellar suggestions on how to get out and away from the dozing kiddo. Take a look:


Well no wonder this video is picking up steam. It's absolutely hilarious.

The roll, the creaky floor, the replacement, the ninja. Please name one parent who hasn't tried at least one of these sneaky moves. And if you need additional suggestions, this instructional video will show you exactly how to bolt out of that nursery.

You're welcome.

Admit it, parents: how do you sneak out without waking your baby?


Image via Esther anderson/YouTube

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