Dad Turns Preemie Baby Into Iron Man to Make Him 'Brave' (VIDEO)

dad makes iron man costume for sick sonBaby Collier Hart has been in the hospital ever since he was born prematurely in July. So when Halloween rolled around, dad Eric Hart decided to give him an extra-special costume and made a custom Iron Man costume for his newborn baby.

And when he posted the video online, parents worldwide responded. This baby Iron Man has gone viral. In the clip, Hart says Collier "needed a costume that would help him feel brave." Take a look:


What a heartwarming moment for the Harts (and OMG, look at those cheeks!).

Dad wants baby to feel brave during the trying time, but obviously, the entire project made Collier's dad feel good too. And when we're in a better and happier mood, it's easier to project that onto our kids.

Kudos to this dad for finding a way to keep fighting through the darkest times. We're sending out well wishes to Collier and his family!

How do you try to cheer up your kids?


Image via Eric Hart/YouTube

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