8 Clever Ways to Sneak in a Nap While 'Playing' With Your Kids

Linda Sharps | Nov 18, 2014 Being a Mom

girl playing doctor with mom

Have you ever tricked your child in order to sneak in a nap? Bear with me, I’m not talking about a full-fledged lie here, rather a little bending of the truth with regards to the exact nature of the game you’re playing together so that you can get some much-needed rest. At this point, you’re probably either thinking I’m a lunatic or you’re energetically nodding your head in TOTAL recognition -- so assuming you belong to the latter category, let’s discuss 8 of the best ways to camouflage your own downtime while your toddler thinks you’re fully engaged in a super meaningful Mommy/child activity.


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  • Play doctor


    Image via mikaylasmama/Instagram

    Oh, you know what I mean. Give your kiddo a toy stethoscope and you’re guaranteed at least a few minutes of shuteye while all you have to do is murmur, “Mm-hm, mm-hmm, yes, I’ve definitely been taking my iron supplements ...” Particularly useful for pregnant mamas who can combine a curious checkup with a little beauty rest.

  • Play hair salon


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    The styling results are kind of awful and you may be picking out knots for a week, but did you achieve REM state for a few blissful seconds? WINNING.


  • Resist the sticker shock


    Image via hollyybeee/Instagram

    You’ll have some peeling to do later, but I’d say it’s a pretty sweet tradeoff. “Yes honey, that looks beautifu-zzzzzzzzzzzz.”

  • Visit the dentist


    Image via gretchenberrydesignco/Instagram

    Is that ... wrapping tape she's using as floss? Ow. Well, if you can handle a little gum bleeding, you can probably zone out until lunchtime this way.

  • Get some treatment at the ER


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    "Yes doctor, I need some pain medication for this broken elbow. It'll make me sleepy, you say? Oh that's too bad, I'd better close my eyes for at least an hour just to fully recover."

  • Hand over the sunscreen


    Image via _dee_mommy3_/Instagram

    Sure, you might get a little messy, but isn’t it worth it to stretch out in the sun and close your eyes?

  • Enjoy some reading time


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    Technically she can't really read yet and you're apt to get clonked over the noggin with that book at some point, but I'm still saying it's worth it. CIRCLE TIME, SWEETIE.

  • And when all else fails ...


    Image via jodicox22/Instagram

    You thought it was too quiet, and you were right. NO REGRETS.

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