Anti-Vaxxers Mess With Kids' Treats on Halloween

child with halloween candy trick or treatingDid you think that inappropriate costumes and getting your home egged were your biggest Halloween fears? Think again. A group called National Vaccine Information Center is using the greatest day of the year (seriously, it's hard to argue with free candy) to spread their anti-vaccination message.

And candy is their weapon. They've put anti-vax stickers on candy in an effort to promote their beliefs.


anti vax halloween candyNow ... why?

Here's the thing. No one likes the neighborhood dentist who gives out floss and brushes on Halloween. This is not your day, sir! And everyone dumps the sly election stickers and buttons that somehow find their way into the goodie bags. And this move, NVIC, is no different.

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Why turn the amazing annual celebration into a propaganda stunt?

It's not anyone's place to spread messages to others' children. And let's face it, those wrappers will end up being trashed almost immediately.

No matter where you stand on the vaccine debate (whether you're pro, against, or somewhere in between), you know that it's hard to convince anyone to suddenly change their mind. And it's definitely not going to happen with a homemade sticker on a Kit-Kat.

Just let the kids have their chocolate, throw in a "Happy Halloween," and move on, people.

Would you be upset if someone gave these candies to your child?


Images ©; National Vaccine Information Center/Facebook

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