20 Birthday Cakes for Little Girls That Went Terribly Wrong

Suzee Skwiot | Mar 11, 2015 Being a Mom

funny girls birthday cake failsYou really do have all the right intentions. You want a simple, pretty princess cake that features towering spires and glowing gowns, and that's exactly what you order. But the big day comes and you go to pick up the decorated dessert, and you find... a glorious birthday cake fail that'll leave you -- and your daughter -- in tears.

Somehow saying "it's a birthday party ... for a little girl" doesn't always mean the cake decorators think things through before they pull out their piping bags or roll out that fondant.

But don't take our word for it. These girls' birthday cake fails will have you questioning just how these passed any sort of inspection.

We can't believe #11 is real! But real, it is. Which one is your favorite?


Image via cakewrecks.com