21 Funny Bumper Stickers for Parents

Judy Dutton | Nov 12, 2014 Being a Mom
21 Funny Bumper Stickers for Parents

car bumperSo, you have a baby, and now you want to let the world know by plastering something on your car bumper. Which makes total sense: cars are our calling card. Plus, with kids you'll be spending a LOT of time in there ferrying them from play dates to soccer practice. In short, the back of your trusty SUV is the prime place to express yourself!

Fortunately, bumper stickers for parents have evolved way beyond earnest messages like "Baby on Board!" and those annoying stick figure family decals, too. There are bumper stickers for moms who swear they've lost their minds, stickers for dads struggling to make peace with the fact that they drive a minivan instead of a Porsche, heck, there are even bumper stickers for moms of multiples.

Hilarious baby bumper stickersIn short, there's a bumper sticker for whatever sums up your parenting situation and style and your sense of humor to boot. So whether you're shopping for one or just want a laugh, check out these hilarious options.

Who wants #5 on their car?

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