Little Girl's Teddy Bear Comes to Life in Creepiest Bedtime Story Yet (VIDEO)

grave shivers brent simsWhat is it about kids' bedtimes that totally freaks parents out? Is it the possibility of leaving a child alone or the nighttime fictional horror stories we've all heard? Or maybe it's spooky short films that really up the creepy factor? Take, for example, Brent Sims' "Grave Shivers," which tells three different tales of bedtime monsters, killers, and unsuspecting fears.

Seriously, prepare yourself for these. Somehow, there's nothing spookier than a seemingly innocent child in some seriously blood-curdling scenarios:


Brent Sims' Grave Shivers from Sims Films on Vimeo.

If the first didn't cause you to run and lock all your doors, the second and third sure did.

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But seriously, what's with adults getting major goosebumps over a child's bedtime?! Shouldn't grownups be the brave, fearless soldiers who are always willing to check under the bed and in the closet?

Yet, somehow, it's that lights out moment that really seems to inspire the most sinister horror stories. Maybe those night lights aren't such a bad idea ... for Mom and Dad's room.

What are your kids afraid of at bedtime?


Image via Sims Films/Vimeo

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