10 Fake Sympathy E-Cards for Moms With Sick Kids

Linda Sharps | Nov 4, 2014 Being a Mom

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One of the biggest challenges in parenting is dealing with life when your child gets sick. Hopefully it’s a minor illness and nothing truly worrying, but even common colds can be kind of a stressful, messy nightmare when kids are really young.

As moms, we feel for our fellow parents when their family succumbs to a virus, but let’s be honest, most of us are probably sharing the same ungenerous thought: Better you than me, sister. We’d never actually SEND these 10 fake-sympathy e-cards ... but that doesn’t mean we can’t snicker at them now. (And tempt fate by doing so, of course -- you know the minute we get done laughing, someone in our house is going to come down with the barfing flu!)

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  • When someone's baby has a cold.


    Babies and toddlers who can't wipe their noses are the worst. We're sorry they don't feel good, but please take this box of tissues and go far, far away.

  • When you're supposed to visit but OH HECK NO.


    Gosh, everyone at your house is sick? That's too bad. Can I bring you anything? ... Oh. Um. Well. Yeah, I was sort of hoping you'd say "no thanks."

  • When you'll only meet up via telecommunications software.


    Could you ... could you move a little away from the screen? Thanks.

  • When the descriptions of the chunks get to you.


    Seriously? Just stop. I feel your pain, but I'm also feeling the contents of my stomach threatening to make a reappearance.

  • When you hide behind the produce rather than saying hello.


    Sorrynotsorry. Tell him to cover his mouth, by the way!

  • When the mouthbreathing is too much.


    Snorf, mmff, mllp, gulp, snort ... MAKE IT STAAAAAAHP.

  • When you're all out of empathy.


    Seriously, I will call in the CDC if you take that barfy kid to the mall.

  • When you're ready to notify HR.


    All out of sick days? Dude, I've been there. It's a nightmare. Please don't make it MY nightmare, though.

  • When there's not enough square footage in the waiting room.


    Aww, isn't he precious? Say, are those rosy cheeks natural, or does he have a fever? Oh, ha ha, no reason. (MIRANDA. BRAD. COME TO MOMMY IMMEDIATELY.)

  • When you have to put your foot down.


    Listen, visiting hours for this brand-new baby are between NEVER and ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

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