Little Girl's Note to the 'Tooth Fairy' Puts an End to Her Parents' Lies (PHOTO)

little girl writing a noteKeeping the Tooth Fairy magic alive is a constant struggle for any parent. You put in the work, write the notes, and decorate accordingly. But what happens when your kid discovers the truth about the Tooth Fairy (or Santa, or the Easter Bunny)? And better yet, what do you do when they write a note to confront you about it?

Take it from one Dad who posted his daughter's note to the Tooth Fairy on Reddit -- it's both awkward and hilarious (and a little bit sad).

Listen up, "tooth fairy." This kid has a lot to say:


letter to the tooth fairy

Ha! Not only did she totally call him out on the truth, but she's amazingly sassy. "I'm sorry if this is hard for you" is by far the best line of the entire entire thing.

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Aww, there, there. Don't take it too much to heart. You gave it a good effort. You kept it up for years. That's impressive. But, honestly, those 9-year-olds are just way too smart for you.

And Santa and the Easter Bunny? Yeah, those have been busted too.

Better luck next time.

How did your kids discover the truth about the Tooth Fairy?


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