16 Weird Sonogram 'Keepsakes' for Moms

Suzee Skwiot | Oct 17, 2014 Being a Mom
16 Weird Sonogram 'Keepsakes' for Moms

ultrasound souvenirIt's a moment you'll never forget. Lying on the table, the gooey cold gel covering your belly. And then you hear it. The thump thump of the heartbeat. Followed closely by the actual ultrasound image of your soon-to-be child. It's an overwhelming experience. Don't you wish you could just bottle that up and remember it forever?

Well, you can!

Hear that, expecting parents? Immortalize your unborn child by getting their ultrasound forever imprinted on different products. Believe it or not, the sonogram souvenir trend is alive and well and kinda creepy.

OK, sometimes it's really creepy. Just get a load of what you can do with your ultrasound ... if you dare!

OMG! Can you believe #11 is real? Would you ever get it?



Image via BabyUltrasculptGifts/Etsy

  • Necklace


    Image via LittleGemGirl/Etsy

    Want to wear it proudly around your neck? No problem. Get your own custom made ultrasound necklace in case wanted to look down and remember that you're pregnant. You know, just in case looking a few more inches south and seeing that protruding belly is really impossible.

  • Face Sculpture


    Image via BabyUltrasculptGifts/Etsy

    Or, you know, just get that 3D model of your future baby's face because nothing screams "we're expecting" like an ultrasound sculpture keepsake. If candles, framed photos, and random trinkets are not decorative enough for your mantel, this decoration would make a nice addition. Plus, it gives your guests some thing to admire with horror when they're visiting.

  • Pillow


    Image via PillowsByJencita/Etsy

    Is your sofa looking un-cushioned? Or do you maybe need another pillow while resting? Easy. Since that baby is causing the unending back pain, it's only fitting that you remedy it with a pillow that sports their face on it.

  • Cuff Links


    Image via LittleGemGirl/Etsy

    Ah, did you think these are only for the ladies? So, so not the case. Outfit the gentlemen in your life with these ultrasound cuff links. Your baby daddy can proudly wear this to any business outing, conference, or while meeting clients so EVERYONE knows he's a dad.

  • Dog Tag


    Image via dontaubin/Etsy


    Don't stop there. Get the rest of the family in on the celebration. Perhaps the pup would also like a souvenir? Done and done! Get Baxter this ultrasound dog tag because, well, why not? He'll soon have a little brother or sister too. New baby means big changes, even for the furry friends.

  • Night Light


    Image via CreativePal/Etsy

    If sleeping in the dark makes you uneasy, a night light is the way to go. But make it an ultrasound night light in case you'd like your unborn baby's face rightthere when you're falling sleep. It's clearly not enough that they'll light up your world once they're born, so you really can't wait for the impending parenthood. Plus, perhaps it'll shine onto the wall like a shadow puppet? One can dream.

  • Cake Topper


    Image via LITTLEHOPECAKES/Etsy

    Baby shower accessory, right here. In case you wanted to make sure your friends and family knew exactly what they were celebrating, use this ultrasound cake topper to really "top off" that yummy dessert. Guests might be a little spooked, but what the hell, it's your day. And, yeah, sure, your child's too.

  • Painting


    Image via UntouchedCreations/Etsy

    There really is nothing worse than coming up completely blank while brainstorming decor ideas for a nursery. Do you go pink, blue, gender neutral theme? So many options. But here's one thing you always, always need. Nothing screams "welcome home baby!" like an ultrasound hand painting. Plus, really it's a twofer. It'll also serve as a bonafide nightmare inducer for when your child is born in case you want to start out pranking your child right from the beginning.

  • Shirt


    Image via CafePress

    The ultrasound shirt is really like wearing an x-ray. And that's **fAsHiOn**. If recent runway shows really showed us anything, it's that fall 2014 is really all about '60s garb, oversized jackets, and ... sonogram shirts. Lookin' fly, mama!

  • Phone Case


    Image via Zazzle

    Please, you can't be bothered to scroll through the pics on your phone to show anyone the actual ultrasound. Ha! No sirree. There has to be an easier way to prove to people that you really are pregnant, right?

    Well, just flip the phone over and proudly display your gorgeous ultrasound case. Easy peasy.

  • Stamps


    Image via Zazzle

    Need to do some pre-delivery correspondence? Send out some postcards, letters, anything, really, just for the excuse to use this ultrasound stamp. Hey, send off your cable bill with this little baby. The reps will get a good LOL.

  • Puzzle


    Image via Science-Photo-Library/CafePress

    Face it, once you're nesting, the last thing you want to do is go out on a Friday night. So don't! Instead, choose to spend your evening indoors and organize a board game night. Sounds thrilling, no? But forget the regular Monopoly and Life, and bust out this little baby (pun completely intended). Take a couple hours and complete this ultrasound puzzle to watch your baby come to life ... sorta.

  • Mug


    Image via JoieGirl/CafePress

    When it comes time for some morning refreshments (decaf, duh), enjoy your cup of joe in this custom-made ultrasound mug. Nothing says "good morning" like your unborn child's face to remind you exactly why you're not drinking the good stuff!

  • Belly Painting


    If anyone asks for an ultrasound pic, forget it. Just lift up your shirt, show off your belly, and proudly display the x-ray looking ultrasound belly painting. That's not weird or anything ...

  • Purse Hanger


    Image via NowThatsPersonal/Etsy

    Your purse is always in the last place you look. And now when you're stumbling around, trying to get out the door in the morning, you can have a ghostly image of your baby staring at you to remind you, "Hey, the reason you can't remember where the hell you're putting everything is because of ME!"

  • Keepsake Wooden Box


    Image via AllThingsSweetByJG/Etsy

    To store all your pre-birth mementos, the ultrasound keepsake wooden box is perfect, no? The picture will stay under the lid, kindly reminding you, every time you're opening it, exactly what you can expect in a couple short months. But did you think that was it? No chance. These little suckers also come with a scaled model of your unborn fetus in cause you'd like a 3D reminder of what's happening inside your belly right this second.

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