16 Weird Sonogram 'Keepsakes' for Moms

ultrasound souvenirIt's a moment you'll never forget. Lying on the table, the gooey cold gel covering your belly. And then you hear it. The thump thump of the heartbeat. Followed closely by the actual ultrasound image of your soon-to-be child. It's an overwhelming experience. Don't you wish you could just bottle that up and remember it forever?

Well, you can!

Hear that, expecting parents? Immortalize your unborn child by getting their ultrasound forever imprinted on different products. Believe it or not, the sonogram souvenir trend is alive and well and kinda creepy.


OK, sometimes it's really creepy. Just get a load of what you can do with your ultrasound ... if you dare!

OMG! Can you believe #11 is real? Would you ever get it?



Image via BabyUltrasculptGifts/Etsy

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