Couple Announces Pregnancy With Over-the-Top Wes Anderson Parody (VIDEO)

jacqueline shu wes anderson pregnancy announcement

Gone are the days of a nice statement over dinner or a simple Facebook post. Now, when it comes to revealing a pregnancy, it seems it's only right if you go all-out. Just take one couple, whose announcement has gone mega viral. Their Wes Anderson parody, aptly titled, "The Pretentious Presentation of the Uterine Inhabitant," is a whole new take on creative pregnancy announcements.

Plus, it has all the trappings of a classic Anderson feature. "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard," check. Deadpan conversation, check. Axe, check. What else could you ask for? Take a look:


Definitely cute, and yowza, is it creative! But how much work went into this? From writing to acting to putting it all together to dressing Sir William in drag, it sure seems like a ton of hours went into creatively saying, "I'm pregnant!"

But it's a big moment for this couple (as it is for anyone who announces that they're expecting), so if a Wes Anderson parody is the way to go, kudos to them! Congratulations to the couple!

What do you think of this announcement?


Image via Jacqueline Shu/YouTube

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