Twin Babies Caught Playing Peekaboo Instead of Going to Sleep (VIDEO)

twin babies standing by cribFace it, parents. Lights out and bedtime doesn't actually mean it's time to go to sleep. Just because you tuck your little kiddo in, turn down the lights, and close the door, they're not necessarily dozing off in dream land. Especially if there's a sibling in the next bed. Just take these two twin baby girls, who decided to play peekaboo instead of settling in for nap time.

Luckily, a parent was on-hand to capture their hilarious gigglefest and peekaboo marathon on video. Take a look for yourself:


Sheesh, they're adorable.

Sure, no mom wants her kids to be playing around during sleep time, but if they're bonding and playing with their siblings, you have to let it go. Right?

Clearly, they're going to enjoy sharing a room. Get ready for some rowdy nights, parents!

Have you ever caught your kids not napping during nap time?


Image © Meeke/Corbis

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