10 Inappropriate Coloring Books for Kids

Judy Dutton | Oct 6, 2014 Being a Mom

Coloring books are typically filled with puppies, princesses, you know, happy things! Which is why we were surprised to find more than a few coloring books filled with, ahem, more mature content inappropriate for kids. To be fair, some of these tomes make it clear that they're "adults-only" or "PG-rated" material, but others welcome tots of all ages, and introduce them to everything from Satan to sex, terrorism to taxes. So, odds are you'll want to keep them far, far away from your eager little artists, lest you want them picking up some weird ideas along with their Crayola crayons.

Honestly, what kid (or adult) would want book #8?

Image © Sharie Kennedy/LWA/Corbis

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