Toddlers' Argument About the Weather Gets Serious When One 'Pokes' the Other's Heart

Kids will argue about anything, and provided no one gets hurt, it can be kind of hilarious to watch their altercations escalate. As proof, look no further than this adorable video that's gone viral of three little tykes talking about the weather. Totally innocuous topic, right? Not in the eyes of these kids, who got all bent out of shape over whether it's "raining" or "sprinkling." Those are fighting words! And it gets nastier from there.


Spoiler alert: after much heated debate, the boy loses the fight and cries. But I'll bet anything that even if his own mom or dad were holding the camera, they were just about to burst with laughter. Why? Because it's hilarious to see how kids can get so indignant over ANYTHING. It's as if their life depends on it. 

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And I get it: I once saw my daughter go into conniptions when a friend insisted a violet-colored marker they were coloring with was blue, when my daughter swore up and down it was purple. In their tiny toddler minds, there was no room for "hey, maybe the answer is somewhere in between." Or "maybe we're both right." Or "hey, who gives a flying ef who's right as long as I can finish my rainbow drawing in peace?"

Thank god we grow up and learn to avoid getting sucked into these petty arguments ... or do we?

Have you witnessed your kid having a ridiculous argument?


Image © Virgo Productions/Corbis

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