8 Deeply Awkward Moments in the Life of a Soccer Mom

soccer mom

There are two checkered balls rolling around in the passenger seat floorboard of my SUV. The storage area contains two folding chairs: one adult-sized, one child-sized. The backseat is littered with granola bar wrappers, one seatbelt is still moist from a spilled water bottle, and the entire vehicle holds the faint odor of sweaty shinguards. In the rearview mirror I can see my reflection: wispy pieces of hair forming a halo around my ponytail, my makeup long worn away, my mouth slightly agape as I visibly struggle to remember the practice schedule I glanced at just two seconds ago.

Somewhere along the line, I became a full-fledged soccer mom. Not only is this a lifestyle that is almost painfully glamorous, I find that it's a great opportunity to continually experience a series of intensely awkward moments every single week as I rush to and from my children's activities.

Tell me, do you share my soccer mom pain?


Image via Montgomery County Planning Commission/Flickr


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