21 States Aren't Keeping Kids Safe: Is Yours on the List?

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We're well into back to school season, and as your kids are starting to spend the majority of their day away from home, do you really know how safe they are in case of an emergency? Save the Children, an organization that focuses on child safety and wellness, recently came out with its annual Disaster Report Card that gauges how well each state is prepared to handle a disaster. The scary news? Nearly half the states in the nation are not prepared to protect our kids!

From multi-hazard plans for schools to evacuation plans for special needs students and child care centers, and reunification plans to help children and parents rejoin after a disaster, the organization looked at each state to determine how well they've planned. At a time when 54 percent of families have been affected by some type of disaster, it's important to look at the findings. And sadly, they're not the best.


Out of all the states, 21 and the District of Columbia don't require all schools and child care centers to have basic emergency preparedness plans. And we've ranked those states, in order of better to worst, so click on to find out how well your state fared. For those states not on the list? That's good news. That means you've met all four criteria for a safe and sound disaster plan.

Take a look below!

Are you surprised by the states that failed the test entirely?


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