3-Year-Old Sees Mom After 9 Months Apart & Can't Control Himself (VIDEO)

military woman saluting flag

We all know military reunions are some of the most touching and emotional moments ever captured on video. And this one is no different. One military mom just spent the past nine months in Afghanistan. So when she returned home with her fellow soldiers, her toddler son wasted no time running into her arms, all while breaking some strict military guidelines.

Soldiers were instructed to stand in formation, but 3-year-old Cooper Waldvogel spotted his mom, Kathryn Waldvogel, as soon as she entered the room and just couldn't wait for his hug. Check out the beautiful moment:


Yes, we understand that there are rules and guidelines that the group had to follow during the ceremony. But sometimes, rules are made to be broken. Especially by kids!

No one can blame the little guy for immediately jumping out of his place in line and going to greet mom. This is exactly the kind of reunion we all love to see.

How did you celebrate the return of a military family member or friend?


Image © iStock.com/DanielBendjy

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