14 of the Hardest Things Every Mom Does

Jodi Meltzer | Sep 18, 2014 Being a Mom

How many times have you heard that being a mom is "the toughest job there is"? Most non-parents don't even know the half of it. In fact, SOME THINGS ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY DIFFICULT THAT DOING THEM MAKES YOU WANT TO PULL YOUR HAIR OUT OF YOUR HEAD. OR TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. The little things are often the hardest things a mom does.

Here are 14 of the hardest things we do as mothers. (GAH! Just looking at #10 makes us want to take a "time-out" right now.)

What's your most frustrating mom moment?

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  • Giving your slippery baby a bath


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    You have a better shot of losing the last five pounds of pregnancy weight than winning that battle.

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  • Putting sunscreen on a toddler


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    OMG. Get the spray. He will survive the coughing fit and discomfort of getting some up his nose. You, on the other hand, may not survive getting the lotion on him without being whacked.

  • Trying to install the carseat


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  • Wrestling your child into said car seat


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    You develop ninja warrior-like moves that surprise you.

  • Brushing a 6-year-old's hair


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    She screams bloody murder -- so the police show up at your house because they think someone is being murdered.

  • Clipping a baby's nails


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    Can't you just ask the pediatrician to do it -- every single time?!

  • Opening the freaking stroller


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    Seriously -- do you HAVE to be a rocket scientist? APPARENTLY YOU DO! Sometimes it's easier to carry the kid!!

  • Closing the freaking stroller


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    Decide to just leave it open all the time and shove it in the hallway/garage/trunk.

  • Chasing a stray poop floating in the bathtub


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    Cue the Jaws music. It's going to get your baby!

  • Snowsuits


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    You spend 47 hours to put them on for 5 minutes of play until they're too "coooooold!!"

  • Teaching a kid to tie his shoe laces


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    Can't he just wear velcro for the rest of his life?

  • Changing the diaper of a crawling baby


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    Proof you really have lost your speed and reflexes.

  • Trying to dress a nudist toddler during the 'I am not wearing clothes' stage


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    You let the nudity thing slide a lot more than you ever thought you would because getting dressed means war. Houseguests are treated to a lot more than they bargained for!

  • Putting toys together


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    Putting toys with 100 pieces together as the impatient kid soundtrack plays on repeat in the background. "Moooooommmmmm! Are you done yet?!" Who the hell bought this thing anyway?

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