What Sleep Looks Like When You're a Mom

Judy Dutton | Oct 1, 2014 Being a Mom

Everyone knows that moms don't get much sleep. But what many of us don't realize is that from the instant you're pregnant to the day your kid graduates from a crib to a bed and beyond, moms endure different kinds of sleep deprivation, and each stage sucks in its own unique way.

Without further ado ... the 6 stages of sleep every mom goes through.

Which stage of sleep deprivation sounds the worst to you?

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  • 'Sleeping' While Pregnant


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    Everyone says, "Sleep now while you can -- you won't be once that baby gets here!" The only problem is you actually can't sleep while you have a basketball for a belly. Clearly the people saying that have never actually been pregnant. The back pain. The restless legs. The kicking baby. Sleep. Is. Not. Happening.

  • 'Sleeping' With a Newborn


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    As a new mom, you're on constant high alert when the baby is sleeping. You're ready to pounce into action as soon as he needs you. (And 'fess up, you're checking to make sure he's breathing every two minutes.) It's hard to fall asleep when you're always waiting to hear the slightest little peep.

  • 'Sleeping' With a Baby


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    Even if you do drift off, there's this fact: Newborns need to feed every few hours. They don't care if it's midnight, or 3 a.m., or 5 a.m -- if they're hungry, they'll let you know. And that means that during this stage, moms sleep in 3-hour spurts -- if you're lucky. And no, three 3-hour spurts do NOT add up to 9 hours of shuteye. And yes, there is a 100 percent chance that your baby will need to eat as soon as you start to ... finally .... snooze.

  • 'Sleeping' With a Toddler


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    Toddlers have too much on their to-do list to sleep. If they're in a crib, they're crying or trying to climb out. Chances are, you'll be the only one dozing off after reading Goodnight Moon for the hundredth time. Maybe it's time for a little Samuel L. Jackson and Go the F**k! to Sleep?

  • 'Sleeping' When Kids Are Big


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    Once big kids get to sleep (after you've checked under the bed for monsters, gotten them a glass of water, let them go the bathroom), you think, THIS IS IT! SLEEP, SWEET, SLEEP! Not so fast. We've got news for you: Morning for big kids comes pretty early. As in, "Is the sun even up yet?" early.

  • 'Sleeping' During the Teen Years


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    Once kids hit teenagerdom, moms think, Finally ... sleep! Then your kid gets his license. Stays out late. You're constantly checking the clock wondering if he's okay. Not to mention the restless nights that accompany the night before big sporting events, plays and the like, college applications, and so on. Oh, well, maybe you'll catch some zzzzz's once your baby finally leaves the nest. Then again ....


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