Dad's Prank During Peekaboo Leaves His Poor Toddler in Tears (VIDEO)

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A quick haircut or a beard trim may not sound like a big deal to the average adult. All you're doing is polishing up your mug, really. Totally normal. But to your child, the way you look is intrinsic to who you are, so as soon as you change that hair color or completely rework your facial hair, the Mom or Dad they've known since they were born is gone. So when one dad decided to surprise his daughter by shaving his beard during a peekaboo game (catching the whole thing on video), we're not at all surprised she freaked.

And we mean seriously freaked. What started out as an innocent towel peekaboo game suddenly turned into a delirious screaming fit. You have to see it for yourselves:


Clearly, it was all one big set-up by the parents. They got their "before" shots and perfectly timed the "after" moment as well.

As soon as that towel lifted, and the bearded man she knew was gone, the waterworks started. But dude, how did you not know it would be shocking to her? Why go through the entire reveal? You had to know she'd lose her mind.

And that she did.

Face it, your tot has only known you for a couple short years. The way you look is how they recognize you. So yes, that beard might be completely disposable and you can grow it again whenever, but to them, it's who you are. It's part of you. Losing that beard is like losing part of YOU. Surely, that thought must have crossed the parents' minds.

Consider this viral video your lesson on how NOT to share your new look with your kiddo ...

How do you share your new look with your kids? Did they ever have a visceral reaction like this?

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