7 Surprising Scientific Facts About Fall Babies

'Tis the season to pop out babies! Fall, it turns out, is a popular time for birthdays: According to a ranking of births in the US from 1973 to 1999, more babies are born in September than any other month, with September 16 being the most common birth date. And that's just one of many "who knew?" fun facts about babies born in the fall. There are so many other cool things that one might not know about babies born from September to December! 


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Whether you're a mom whose due date falls in this window or you celebrate your own birthday in autumn yourself, take a look at this scientifically backed trivia about what this may mean in terms of your health, athletic abilities, how long you'll live, and more. 

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The facts might just be surprising. It may seem hard to believe that the season you're born can affect so much of your life, but truly autumn babies have a lot going in their favor. 

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So take a look and decide if these fascinating fall baby facts are convincing. And fall babies, these are some great bragging points. Go, fall babies, go!

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