Dad Gives Kids Very Public Lesson in Changing Toilet Paper Roll (VIDEO)

empty toilet paper rollIs it really that hard to change a toilet paper roll? Is there some intrinsic mysterious difficulty about it that keeps kids from actually taking off the empty roll and replacing it with a new one? Maybe there is. But one British dad is fighting the problem by making a toilet paper roll replacement instructional video for his children.

And better yet, he posted it all to social media. Because, let's face it, that's the only way to communicate with teenagers these days. Think they got the point? Watch and see:


Got that? Really, there are only three major steps. One of which is for the advanced level, so we won't get into that yet.

But his perfectly sarcastic and sassy instructional step-by-step is just what the kids need ... ALL KIDS.

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What parent can't relate to this? While all Moms and Dads are left scratching their heads, wondering why it's so darn hard to actually put the coat on the hook, the dirty clothes in the hamper, or the freakin' toilet paper roll on the holder, this man is on a mission to simplify the easiest of tasks for the kids.

Can't wait for more videos from the sarcastic pops.

How do you get your kids to do basic chores?


Image via gorillasushi/Flickr

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