Dad Catches Daughter Taking Selfies in the Backseat & A Viral Video Is Born

taking a picture with a cell phone

You know the drill. Pucker those lips and snap. Then scrunch your nose, lower the chin, and snap again. Then, just for good measure, stick your tongue out as far as humanly possible and snap once more. It's a selfie, y'all! And it's taking over the world. And parents, when you see your teens making absurdly disfigured faces at their cellphones, that's exactly what they're doing. And one dad decided to document the precious moment when he caught his teen daughter taking selfies in the backseat of the car.

Then, like any righteous person, he posted it to YouTube and we're blessed with the entire hilarious clip. Take a look and see how perfectly she executes each and every single look:


Way too real.

Parents, your best course of action here is to show this exact video to your kids and let them know just how ridiculous they look when they're snapping away a million selfies in a row.

That cute duck face they're making? Or the trying-to-be-unattractive-but-secretly-look-cute pose? They're not good looks, guys. And you don't want them on the Internet.

Just better to stop them as soon as you can. Use this as a cautionary tale.

Do you discourage your teen from sharing selfies?


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