10 Ways a Mom's Life Is Just Like Kindergarten

mom and daughter on a walk

Plenty of moms have cried a mixture of happy and sad tears over their kids starting kindergarten this year, as it's such a huge milestone in any parent's life.

I mean, it's so hard to send them off to "big kid" school after being accustomed to the security blanket that is preschool. At the same time, we feel a sense of pride at seeing them take such a huge and significant step.

As crazy as it may sound, we actually have quite a bit in common with our new little school-goers. When you stop and think about it, a 5-year-old's routine really isn't all that different from what moms do (and feel) on a daily basis.


Here are 10 ways a mom's life is pretty darn similar to that of a kindergartner.

1. There is no problem that arises that can't be instantly fixed with a cookie or ice cream.

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2. You desperately need a nap, but there's no time to take one anymore.

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3. You need a bathroom break at least once every hour or so.

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4. Every single time the school bus pulls up, you're completely terrified.

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5. The thought of eating cafeteria food freaks you out too.

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6. Most nights, if you aren't in bed by 8 p.m., all hell breaks loose.

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7. It doesn't matter who is talking to you, you're usually zoned out and thinking about other things. Like snack time.

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8. Your shirt is usually stained. And nine times out of ten, your hair is a mess.

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9. Going to a restaurant without crayons in your purse = total crisis.

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10. At the end of any given day, all you really want is your mom.

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How is your life like a kindergartner's?


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