Dad Acts Like a Kid Again With Some Rather Awkward Results (VIDEO)

dad coloring on tableYour child may spit out their food if they're not happy with it, or yell, "I'm done" when finished using the bathroom. For whatever reason, these seem to be completely fine things to do. Now take a second and imagine a grown man doing these exact same things. Still cute? I think not. But that's what one dad set out to do to show us all of the things kids do that are unacceptable for adults to do.

There are some hissy fits and tantrums, coupled with some serious sulking. And every mom will recognize these moves. Take a look:


Nailed it, didn't he?

Sure, objectively speaking, some of the actions are a little frustrating. Seriously, kid, move away from the TV!

But one thing does ring very true: sometimes we wish we could totally be like kids. Whether that means rolling around and coloring on a table, or building a fort in the middle of the bed, somehow it all just seems ... simpler.

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And clearly more fun.

Who do you think is enjoying themselves more? Mom or her carefree kid who only wants that stinkin' blue cup? Sheesh, just get rid of the yellow one already! (Kidding. Kidding.)

Though it does make us hope that we could be 5 years old again. There's nothing like the thrill of coloring your face to look like a tiger.

What's something your kids do that you wish you could do?


Image via epoodle/YouTube

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