9 Ways Moms Can Make Money at Home

Judy Dutton | Aug 22, 2014 Being a Mom

Of course, stay-at-home moms already have a job, and an important one at that. But if family finances are tight, she might sit there wondering if there's a way to earn extra money working from home. Well, it turns out there are plenty of ways to rake in cash on the side (yes, with a baby around) that are flexible and don't require a lot of experience. Plus, they're actually enjoyable. If throwing a party, heading to the beach with a dog, or finding a new playmate for your child sounds good to you, consider exploring these opportunities for extra income -- and some fun.

Have you found a fun way to make money at home?

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  • If your kid would like some company ...


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    As long as you're watching your own child, why not watch two? Or three? On sites like Sittercity.com or SeekingSitters.com, you can name the hours you're available and your price (typically $10 to $15 per hour), then see who bites. Many potential clients may like the fact that you're a mom with a built-in playmate for their own child.

  • If your baby loves car rides ...


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    Nothing like a car ride to put baby to sleep, right? That's why many moms make a killing on Lyft.com, a site where you can drive your own car and pick up people who need rides in your area. You do pay for your own gas, but you'll make $35 per hour, so you come out ahead. Some drivers make $800 driving just on the weekends.

  • If you love pets ...


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    Sites like PetSitter.com and DogVacay.com will hook you up with pet owners who need you to walk their dog or feed their cat while they're on vacation. Rates vary but are around $10 per hour. It's also a great way to introduce your child to animals -- what kid wouldn't love to spend time with a pup or playful kitten?

  • If you love hosting parties ...


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    Product parties have evolved way beyond Tupperware. Today, you can gather your friends together to sample anything from wine (WineShopatHome.com) to Dove chocolate (MyDCDSite.com), and earn a commission on anything you sell (typically around 25 percent).

  • If you're crafty ...


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    Knit caps, design cards, or create other crafts to sell on Etsy.com or Snapfish.com. Knitted blankets go for $600 and up, so it's well worth your time!

  • If you love writing ...


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    Sites like FreelanceWriting.com and Elance.com pay novice or semi-professional writers for various projects. One mom writer we spoke to charged around $25 per article and made $17,000 per year.

  • If you're good on the phone ...


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    Many businesses like WorkingSolutions.com or Arise.com recruit stay-at-home moms to field phone calls for customer service lines, earning around $12 an hour. You can often make your own schedule depending on when's convenient, like during baby's naptime or after bedtime. 

  • If you're a fast typist ...


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    Many businesses hire "virtual assistants" for transcription or other typing-heavy duties for $20+ an hour. Head to VirtualAssistantJobs.com or oDesk.com to start browsing for opportunities. 

  • If you're up for odd jobs ...


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    At TaskRabbit.com, you can earn money (around $12 per hour and up) doing just about anything, from delivering packages to cleaning houses to putting together IKEA furniture.

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