Babysitters Photoshop Baby Into Crazy Situations & Send Photos to Mom & Dad

Suzee Skwiot | Aug 12, 2014 Being a Mom
Babysitters Photoshop Baby Into Crazy Situations & Send Photos to Mom & Dad

cobra babysitter babyLeaving your baby alone with a babysitter is a big step for any new parent. But letting your 8-month-old stay overnight with your closest friends might help to ease some of the tension and stress. So that's what these new parents did. But when they left, the babysitters sent them hourly picture updates of the baby's activities, and you'll never believe the scary monsters that made an appearance (thanks to Photoshop).

There were dinosaurs, sharks, a cobra, UFOs, and even a bear. And baby seemed to be having an absolute ball during it all. Hannes Sigrist and his wife, Erica, produced these gems and the little tot went along for the ride. With their babysitting adventure going viral, The Stir tracked down Hannes, who hails from Switzerland, for the whole story behind these funny photos:

"We were babysitting him for the first time for a full day and night and were therefore quite nervous," Hannes says. "So after the parents, our closest friends, had left, we started imagining what's the worst thing that can go wrong and came up with these. It made us more relaxed (without being irresponsible) in the process and accounted for a really fun and great day with him."

And you can totally tell. The 8-month-old dude (his age was originally posted incorrectly on Reddit, where it said he was 6 months old) spent an entire day being "chased" by wild monsters and creatures. And while his stone-cold face (seriously, he could give KStew a run for her money) doesn't give anything away, he'll have the snapshots to remember all the fun.

"It'll all make for an amazing memory book for him that he'll get to enjoy one day," says Hannes.

As for mom and dad? They're totally cool with it all.

"They were happy to share them with the world and all was good," says Hannes. "They're just enjoying the viral wave and will most likely invite us to look after him again."

We're sure they will. Everything seems to always work out better, for the parents, the sitters, and the baby, if they can all have fun together. The baby was absolutely safe the entire time, but you also know that he was entertained and played with when mom and dad were absent. And the parents can breathe a great sigh of relief knowing that the baby is cared for and amused.

Take a look at the hilarious photos below.

What would you do if you got these from your babysitter?


Images via Hannes Sigrist 

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