16 Lies Moms of Toddlers Tell Themselves

We won't lie to you: Toddlers are terrors. Between their tantrums, picky eating habits, and insane energy levels, it's no wonder moms struggle to make it through this stage in one piece. And no matter how many parenting books you read or toddler problems you Google, sometimes laughter will really be the only way to cope with the ridiculousness your life has become. To help inject a little humor into your day and let you know you're not alone, we asked moms of toddlers to confess the little white lies they tell themselves to get by. See if you've said a few of these fibs yourself -- if so, you've got plenty of company!

  1. I'm not going to finish his chicken nuggets.
  2. We’re finally going to put away the iPad for good ... this weekend.
  3. I'm going to make a movie about her out of all these videos!
  4. I won't wear yoga pants to preschool tomorrow.
  5. No one can tell she won't let me brush her hair most days, right?
  6. I'll just lie down here with her in bed for a minute, then scram ...
  7. Pickles and potato chips are vegetables, too.
  8. It's okay that he says words like "booby" and "butt" right?
  9. I will shower and brush my teeth today!
  10. I won't park him in front of Thomas the Tank Engine so I can check my email in peace.
  11. I will not feed her a fourth day of leftover Chinese takeout for lunch tomorrow, because that’s just lazy.
  12. We’re going to make it to mommy and me yoga class before she turns 2.

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  13. I’m totally going to enroll her in swim lessons before summer is over.
  14. She's not a terror, she's just confident!
  15. I will diligently brush her teeth morning and night.
  16. I'm in charge here. Really.

Are there lies you tell yourself about your toddler?


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