6 Ways Lazy Parents Can Avoid Raising Their Own Kids

Jodi Meltzer | Aug 18, 2014 Being a Mom

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed in the parent department, there are now mommy stunt doubles available for hire. Outsourced parenting is all the rage in certain circles. Some moms rely on the pros to help their kids on the potty, detox from a hard-core thumb-sucking addiction, even mind their manners.

If you're feeling like you could use a little help, you're in luck. Here are some of the coolest (and wackiest) ways today's parents delegate parenting ... for a fee.

How much would you be willing to pay for #3? 

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  • Potty Trainer for Hire


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    NYC Potty Training Inc. is a professional potty-training service located in NYC. Phone consultations are also available ... and trainers will travel anywhere for a fee. Potty training can take as little as one day, though a two-day session is recommended.

    Cost: $570 - $1,750 -- depending on the expertise of the trainer. What's it worth to you to retire those diapers?

  • The Thumblady


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    Thumb-sucking is a hard habit to break ... but Shari E. Green claims she can get it done in a couple sessions. The thumb-sucking eliminator means business. She's Chicago-based, and she's not cheap.

    Cost: About $4,300.

  • Attitude Adjusters


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    If your kids give you a lot of lip, New Jersey-based Harmony Behavioral Solutions can set them straight with customized discipline plans.

    Cost: Sessions begin at $125. 

  • Sleep Guru


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    Can't seem to get your kid to catch some zzzzzzz's? No worries, you can call or email The Baby Sleep Site for some dreamy solutions tailored for your family.

    Cost: Email packages are available for $129 and up and phone consultations start at $299.

  • Professional Childproofers


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    Let's face it, lots of accidents happen at home. Childproofing services address hidden dangers both inside and outside of your house so you can provide a safe haven for your little one.

    Cost: Fees depend on services requested.

  • Etiquette Extraordinaire


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    Etiquette Outreach has classes that teach kids everything from table manners to how to behave in public. I'd pay to see my son sit through that!

    Cost: $85 for an hour-and-45-minute class. Private consolations are available, too.

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