10 Best Smells of Babyhood

Judy Dutton | Aug 13, 2014 Being a Mom

Moms may disagree about many things, but the one thing they're unanimous on is this: Babies smell ah-mazing! Every scent from the tippy top of their peach fuzz hair to their funky little feet just sock us in the gut. And recent research suggests there's a scientific reason babies smell so good: It triggers the "pleasure centers" in our brains, inspiring us to care for these helpless infants. Whatever the reason, all we can say is breathe deep and savor every scent, mamas, since these aromas won't be around forever. Take a whiff of any of these top 10 best baby smells below and you'll see what we mean.

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What's the best smell of babyhood for you?

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  • Baby breath


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    Many moms go gaga for the scent of their baby's breath, and it's not due to the minty freshness, either. Some say it smells like puppy breath; others say it smells like absolutely nothing. Nonetheless, it gets to us.

  • Baby laundry detergent


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    Believe it or not, all those gunky bibs and stool-smeared onesies do have an upside: Baby laundry detergent smells like heaven! Its crisp, sun-bleached scent reminds moms of all those cute little outfits their infant used to wear without complaint ... if only kids stayed that small. Alas, they don't. But the scent of Dreft can bring it all back in an instant.

  • The flowers page in the 'Pat the Bunny' book


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    Pretty much all moms read their little ones Pat the Bunny, because babies love to pet the furry rabbit, gaze at their reflection in the mirror, and sniff the flowers ... which smell nothing like flowers, but still. Whatever chemical concoction went into creating that scent, it's intoxicating -- an instant reminder of bedtime.

  • Their little heads after bathtime


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    The damp, fuzzy head of a freshly bathed baby smells irresistible to moms. Why? We don't know, but we do know moms who still smell the heads of their 10-year-olds because they can't kick the habit.

  • Vicks


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    If baby is sick, moms break out the Vicks -- so this ointment's nostril-clearing menthol aroma instantly triggers our caretaking instincts and memories of late nights nursing baby back to health.

  • Baby waking up from a nap


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    There's something about the scent of baby right when he wakes up from a nap -- warm, sweet, like freshly baked bread. And that smile once he sees mommy's face? Too much.

  • A fresh diaper


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    Without diapers, where would we be? So it's no surprise moms find this plasticy aroma so comforting.


  • Food bits that stick to their bodies post-lunch


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    Babies are messy eaters, so whatever they're chowing down on, some of it's bound to sneak off their bib, onto their shirt, and yes, even into the folds of their chubby neck. But here's what's weird: The musky smell of those little lunch bits hiding on baby just kills us. Whether it's eau de applesauce or apricot, we're in heaven.

  • Johnson's baby shampoo and wash


    No bath would feel complete without Johnson's baby shampoo and/or wash. Maybe it's because our parents used it on us as kids, and here we are continuing the tradition. Or maybe it's because that "No tears" promise makes washing baby so much easier. Whatever the reason, this product's soapy scent is synonymous with bathtime and unbeatable.

  • Baby poop


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    Yes, even the worst smell imaginable is still awesome when it's from your own kid.

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