25 Crazy Things Moms of Daughters Say Every Day

mom and daughter

Plenty of women dream about having a daughter someday who is their mini-me in every single way, but sometimes raising a little girl can be, well ... challenging.

And oftentimes things come out of our mouths as "girl moms" that we never EVER dreamed we'd say before we had children, but you know how that goes.

Nobody really gets the whole parenting thing until it actually happens to them. After a few years of experience as a mom, it's safe to say that nothing surprises us.


We asked moms of girls to help us out in sharing all of the funny things they say to their daughters that they simply can't believe.

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I think you'll agree that there are some real doozies on this list!

  1. For crying out loud, please stop touching your lady bits.
  2. Do NOT catch that frog in my Tupperware container!
  3. Close your legs and sit like a lady!
  4. Stop telling everyone you have a vagina.
  5. Stop playing with your belly button.
  6. You can't wipe poop from the front!!
  7. Yes, you will have breasts when you get older.
  8. No, you can't pee standing up.
  9. Don't pull Daddy's pants down.
  10. You have to wear clothes at the dinner table!
  11. I'm sorry, honey, but you can't wear your tap shoes to school.
  12. Don't forget to wash your private parts.
  13. Quit pulling your skirt up!
  14. Yes, you have to wash your hair. Because you haven't washed it in three days, that's why!
  15. No, you can't pee outside like the boys.
  16. Stop licking your brother!
  17. Get your finger out of your nose!
  18. You are not your brother's mother.
  19. Yes, you DO have to wear underwear with your tutu.
  20. No, you can't wear three skirts at the same time to school.
  21. You cannot go outside and greet the UPS man in your underwear!
  22. Put some clothes on that doll!
  23. Why am I finding glitter in the refrigerator?
  24. Please stop drinking the bath water!
  25. Don't play with your boobies!

What is the most outrageous thing you've said to your daughter?


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