'Apparently' This 5-Year-Old's TV Interview Is Going to Make Him a Star (VIDEO)

microphone interviewWell, guys. Apparently, we have a new star on our hands. Five-year-old Noah Ritter attended the Wayne County Fair recently in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, and "apparently" managed to steal the show with his appearance as the newest -- and cutest -- TV reporter in the country.

And if you can really believe it, he has never been on live television before. Yeah, we don't buy that either. Noah, you seem like a seasoned professional to us. Take a look at the little guy's first dabble in on-air reporting. He's a natural:


Can you believe it? Apparently, Noah learned a new word recently.

Don't worry, we're laughing WITH him, not at him -- as is the rest of the nation. The video shot in a tiny town in Northeastern Pennsylvania has gone viral, and we want to thank this little dude for giving us plenty of laughs.

We're sure the parents are getting a kick out of this too, now that he's a bona fide celebrity. Come to think of it, what parent hasn't had a bit of a laugh as their little one's vocabulary expands?

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What big words do your kids use over and over and over again?


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